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Ergonomic Resources

Books are nice.  Periodicals are current, sometimes more lively, and present information in smaller chunks.  But if you're new to ergonomics, relevant periodicals are hard to find.  Here are some suggestions.  None of them deals exclusively with office ergonomics, but IMHO they're all worthwhile for the office ergonomist.

Ergonomics in Design

Does reading ergonomics have to be a slog-through?  This is one of two high-quality periodicals that give great information in almost-normal language.  Maybe this is because it's written for, and usually by, practitioners rather than academic scholars.   Its scope is human factors, not just ergonomics, and the practitioner orientation is backed up by attention to the research that's the basis of good practice.  Click here to go to EiD's own webpage.

Ergonomics Abstracts
Price varies

Ergonomics Abstracts is very expensive, but a very worthwhile ergonomics research database published by a leader in ergonomics, Taylor and Francis. Just about everything in the journals and many conferences, plus all the Taylor & Francis books, is abstracted here every three months.  In other words, it can take the place of looking through journals (though EA always lags the journals by some time).  The abstracts are sorted by categories, and the extensive, detailed categorization scheme (taking the place of a table of contents) is an educational experience in itself.  Once you know the categories you're interested in, it's a snap to find the abstracts, and they offer ways to get copies of the original articles if you can't find that issue of the cited journal.  Click here.

ErgoSolutions Magazine

ErgoSolutions Magazine is new and still needs to prove itself. But it seems to be making a good faith effort to provide quality ergonomics content to a broad audience interested in ergonomics.. Subscribe here (it's free)