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Office Ergonomics Training

This site contains office ergonomics information aimed at ergonomics committee members as well as office workers in general.

  The information here is based on the research literature whenever possible; it may not be consistent with some of the conventional wisdom that has persisted for decades, such as "sit up straight" or "have the monitor at eye level" or "the keyboard should be at elbow height."

Office ergonomics deserves to be treated separately from general (industrial) ergonomics.  The principles are the same, but there are so many subtle differences and different products that it's best to specialize.

This site collects and publishes some "handouts" that have been used widely in training courses for office workers and ergonomists and health care professionals who work with office workers.  The handouts have received good reviews with respect to their clarity, objectivity, and scientific basis.  Some have been published in slightly different form in book chapters and manuals.  We are pleased to share them with you.

This site was developed by Chris Grant, PhD, now retired from ergonomics. Her Michigan-based ergonomics practice, F-One Ergonomics, was limited to office-related issues. Dr. Grant and other cited authors on the site are Certified Professional Ergonomists and Certified Industrial Ergonomists who have consulted in this field for years and have been involved in the development of national and international ergonomics standards. Dr. Grant has generously transferred the site to Dennis Ankrum, who will strive to maintain the standard of excellence she has set.

Learn as much as you can from this site if it will help your own or your company's internal ergonomic situation.   Feel free to link from your website to this one.  However, please do not resell our information in any way.

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